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The Rise

The Rise

Golden Years

Golden Years

Three Acts

Three Acts

Black Book

Black Book

Ways To Live Forever

Ways To Live Forever





The Rise

The Rise

Three Acts

Three Acts



Matt Western, casting director

I have been a Casting Director for television and film drama for many years and possess a wide ranging and thorough knowledge of all aspects of the casting process; from initial cast suggestions and advice on casting budgets to organising smoothly run casting sessions and concluding final contractual negotiations.

I have a comprehensive and widespread knowledge of actors and actresses and maintain excellent working relationships with all the major theatrical agencies in the UK, US and Europe; providing me with full access to the best acting talent available, both established and upcoming.

I believe passionately about the quality of service I provide.  I deal with all aspects of the casting proceedure personally and do not delegate important responsibilities or decision making to assistants or others.  I run all my casting sessions in person.

From the outset of the casting process to its conclusion, I possess the ability, enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that the procedure is professional, efficient, enjoyable and, most importantly, successful.


Matt championed me at the very beginning of my career, and cast me in one of my first, and happiest, jobs. I'll always be grateful to him and his support and belief in me.

Vanessa Kirby

Matt Western was one of the very first people to offer me an opportunity in television when I was fresh out of drama school. His instinct to champion me, as an actor, for the particular role for which I was auditioning, was, for me at the time, crucial. His understanding of what it is to be a fledgling actor, and the respect, guidance and support I received from him during the auditioning process, allowed me to present myself to the director with confidence and clarity. I appreciated his help at the time, an I have continued to appreciate it ever since.

Rupert Evans

Matt Western has a passion for storytelling. His projects are always cast with diversity and impeccable taste. He is instrumental in bringing fantastic films to life. It’s always a huge pleasure to collaborate with him. 

Sophia Myles

I have known Matt for 20 years or more.  He is always a complete pleasure to deal with.  I always enjoy speaking to him and he has impeccable taste.
Dallas Smith – United Agents

I have known and enjoyed working with Matt for many years. He has great knowledge of the business side of the industry as well as great taste and a genuine enthusiasm for seeking out and championing emerging talent. 

Sarah Spear - Curtis Brown

Matt has worked with our company for more than twenty years.  He is always the British casting director we contact when we need help with UK casting.  His taste is impeccable. He is a wonderful person to work with.

Betty Post - Post/Castelijn Casting (Netherlands)

Matt Western is a director’s dream. On my last two feature films, he has provided me with a wide range of options, and always encourages me to think outside the box. As a Canadian film maker, he will always be my ‘go to’ Casting Director in the UK.
Paul Kimball - Winterlight Productions (Canada)

He brought a host of great names to the table for us and introduced us to some very strong new talent.   

James Burstall - CEO Leopard Films

Matt Western’s perspicacity with regard to scripts coupled with his vast knowledge of acting talent and the originality of his casting ideas has served me so well, so reliably for 20 years of film and TV production. He is meticulous throughout the whole process of casting - from wish list to contracts - and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Martyn Auty - Producer

Matt made our UK casting process easy and seamless with great actor suggestions, industry knowledge, and strong relationships with agents. We love him and will always use his expertise, going forwards
Hardy White Pictures (Australia)

Matt is an essential part of every film we make. His ideas are always original and fitting, he has an extremely deep knowledge of the casting process and it is great fun to work with him. 

Tom Sands - Producer 




A multi-thread TV series set behind the scenes of the European political metropolis. 


Brussel TV series, casting by Matt Western


Bernard Hill, Phil Davis, Una Stubbs, Simon Callow 



Golden Years,casting by Matt Western


Independent thriller. Winner of Best Casting at International Independent Film Awards. 



Exit Thread, casting by Matt Western


Vanessa Kirby, Luke Treadaway, Matthew Lewis, Iwan Rheon, Neil Maskell, Timothy Spall  



The Rise, casting by Matt Western


Independent psychological thriller with Nicky Henson and Kirsty Averton.   



The Holly Kane Experiment, castingby Matt Western


Ben Chaplin, Emilia Fox, Greta Scacchi and introducing Ella Purnell



Ways To Live Forever, casting by Matt Western
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