• "Matt has an intelligence about casting that is impressive. He absorbs script, gets under the skin of character, and then switches on his 'radar'.

    ‘Anybody can cast the obvious, but Matt delivers ideas that are inspirational. For Affinity he helped couple character to talent and assembled a cast that surpassed expectation."
    Adrian Bate, Producer

    ‘I found Matt very good to work with. He is extremely keen and hard working. He has a thorough knowledge of UK acting talent. He'll aim as high as you can dream.  Matt is always happy to make the phone call and ask the question, which means he brings you back the talent that you really want.

    He is also brilliant at bringing in people you'd never thought of and also great at introducing you to new young actors who will soon be going places. Matt never gives up and takes on board all notes and comments. He is not only great at getting excellent actors but is also able to negotiate clear and fair deals with them.’
    Jane Dauncey, Producer

    I always enjoy working with Matt Western.  His knowledge of actors is remarkable and in my opinion he has great taste.’
    Jeremy Conway, Agent, Conway Van Gelder Grant


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Telephone: (020) 7602 6646

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Matt did a terrific job casting Missing for BBC1/Leopardrama.  He brought a host of great names to the table for us and introduced us to some very strong new talent.  He was creative and dynamic and very easy to work with. I look forward to working with him again soon and would recommend him highly.
James Burstall, CEO Leopard Films

I was delighted with Matt’s casting. He pulled off a very difficult job in a very tight timescale. I'd be more than happy for him to use my name as a reference in future.
Gerard Melling, Executive Producer, BBC